ADACI, the Italian Association of Purchasing and Supply Management, Section Piedmont and Valle d’Aosta, restarting from the experience of ‘Socio Incontra Socio’, promotes the new series of meetings “Meet us from …” directly at the offices of our members. Unique opportunities to get to know the other members more closely, to seize opportunities and bring out new ideas, open to Members and non-Members.

But let’s see first and foremost, who is Rimor: Rimor founded in 1987, is engaged in the industrial ventilation sector for air treatment. Founded to follow the market on behalf of some companies of the fractional group Ercole Marelli, which became in the following years Marelli Motori S.p.A. Over time Rimor has developed a complex of diversified activities. In order to strengthen and complete production capacities in 2014, Rimor srl and Camit constitute an industrial group with a combined annuale revenue of 7 mln. euro, with two offices on 4,000 square meters, 50 employees and cutting edge machineries. Camit carries out its activity by desiging and building industrial plants for surface treatment. The two companies have paid specific attention to the achievement and maintenance of a solid financial position.

Program of the meeting: this is the presentation of the meeting that took place in Rimor on March 24th. An excellent opportunity to consolidate and express the entrepreneurial and industrial skills of our group.