One of the main maintenance problems for high temperature re-circulation fans for furnances is the presence of motors with special long shafts in stainless steel, directly coupled with impellers. The components in touch with the hot fluid are made in AISI.

In case of motor substitution by the customer, a new specific motor has to be built with delivery times of some weeks otherwise stock units have to ready for delivery in the warehouse.

Rimor has been able to solve this problem, with the Block Heat Re-circulation Fan. In fact, a standard motor with a normal shaft is used for this product line, thanks to the conformation of the transmission system between the motor and the impeller and to the patented air cooling system for shafts.

This is an highly reliable, revolutionary technology that allows to intervene rapidly in case of motor failure. Moreover, the motor cost reflets its being a standard motor and it’s available anywhere.

Recently a product batch has been supplied for an operating temperature of 750 C°

Some motor technical data:

Power: 11 kW

Flow rate 15,000 m3

Temperature 750 C°

Total Pressure: 58mm H2O