Solutions for Furnaces and Thermal Treatments

The thermal treatment sector requires reliable and durable solutions for its high temperatures processes. The applications are multiple and require solutions that are compact, resistant and that can guarantee high returns. This sector requires:
● compact solutions that can generate gas burners’ combustion air in a compact way with minimum sound exposure levels
● air handlings systems inside industrial furnaces that can guarantee uniformity of temperature and an increment of the heat transfer coefficient
● hot gases extraction with energy recovery
● heated parts’ cooling systems
● compartmentalization in controlled atmosphere with nitrogen and hydrogen that avoids metals oxidation
Rimor provides engineering competency and consultancy to every furnace manufacturer by providing dimensioning and certifying its products with the use of computational fluid dynamics.
Rimor manufactures gas extraction and combustion fans, regulation valves for high temperatures, various types of stirrers for internal air handling in furnaces, special motors for high temperature processes, heat recovery ventilation and hot gas ejectors