With a view to internationalization and expansion of its presence on international markets, Rimor joined the Internationalization of Business Processes project in collaboration with the Piedmont region.

Rimor will hire a candidate for the master in Internationalization of Business Processes, in High Apprenticeship mode with the aim of completing the preparation for the recent graduate (preferably in Economics, Management, Languages ​​or International Sciences).

The master provides theoretical and practical tools for the evaluation and management of internationalization processes, in order to analyze, suggest or capture transformations and make them operational in the company. Within the company, the candidate will receive all the knowledge necessary to evaluate and manage internalization processes in order to analyze and suggest transformations and make them operational.

The master is established by the Department of Management of the University of Turin.

For further information and insights visit the following site:http://www.masterinterpro.it/programma/project-work.html