Air Filtration and Separation

Air Filtration and Separation

Rimor has 30 years of experience in the filter industry, having applied every technology known in the field but having for each of them applied its own exclusive technology in order to obtain particular and distinctive performances.

Rimor filters, often used in plants of various kinds and of various applications, make it possible to extend the useful life of the filters and maximize profitability in the use of machinery. The combination of the filters with Recube, patented product  by Rimor, allows to realize a system of effective separation of polluted particles.

Rimor filters guarantee emissions levels to the outside below the limits imposed by law.

The pollutants are divided into different types and derive from different processes: thanks to the experience of rimor is the best separation process, consisting of pre-static separation, primary filtration, secondary filtration both inertial dryness, both electrostatic and by scrubbing

A specific product line of Rimor and Camit are sandblasting filters and paint filters, which can also be combined with existing systems or mobile processing systems. Rimor systems are often used as stand alone systems, being able to realize a lasting process over time.

The CFD finite element fluid dynamic study allows to guarantee a perfect fluxing of the filtering surface, thus succeeding in maximizing the life of the filters, both in the case of self-cleaning filters and in the case of inertial filters.

All the filters by Rimor and Camit can be integrated with Recube technology, so they can become soundproof by being inserted into soundproof casing.

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