Climatic Systems and Chambers

Climatic Systems and Chambers

The company has been operating for many years in the sector of obtaining certain parameters of air conditioning, humidity and temperature, in chambers and work areas. The determination of temperature and humidity parameters are important in many sectors, for example in the production of PVB laminated glass, where it is important to keep humidity and temperature below certain parameters, or the production of components and finished products in textiles, where it is important to maintain reduced temperature and humidity at higher levels (eg with humidifiers).

The temperature and humidity are kept under control with refrigerating units which then perform a cooling and a post heating, often combined with a partial recirculation of the process air and a management of temperature and humidity combined with pressure or depression management in the room.

The value of temperature and humidity is determined by a psychrometric control system, with a due and certain setting that then governs the parameter of cooling and post heating.

It is possible to use direct or indirect refrigeration circuits or with a heat pump or with hot water supplied separately for post-heating.

This is used to reduce humidity: if it is needed to increase it, steam or adiabatic humidification systems are used.

Finally, the possibility of using hydronic heat recovery units (with the transfer of liquid fluid from an air / liquid exchanger that exchanges with the gas that transfers the heat to the exchanger where the gas that receives the heat passes)

Particular attention was paid to remote management with monitoring systems through online connected apps or cloud applications.

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