Heating – Cooling and Drying systems

Heating – Cooling and Drying systems

Drying systems studied to optimize the launch of the air produced by Recube on plastic films, able to obtain ample performance without stressing the plastic or aluminum film.

Wide range of use both horizontal and vertical with removable and replaceable insulation much appreciated by customers.

Rimor has developed a specific nozzle that has both the blowing and the suction part separated from the body so that it can be made of AISI or galvanized and removed for cleaning and replacement.

The nozzle makes it possible to obtain important and superior performances compared to what is already present on the market, with lengths of even 6 meters monobloc.

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Product lines

Package DENOX

The DENOX package is a system where two fans are pre-assembled on a frame with the aim of sending air into DENOX or denitrization systems in order to convey air enriched with ammonia on chimneys where Nox abatement is achieved. The air re-launch system to the chimneys, then conveyed by means of lances and through […]

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Rimor Accessories

Rimor is able to provide all the necessary control accessories to automate, regulate and check / control: flow and flow, pressure and temperature. Such as probes for dust control for countless industrial applications including: air and gas dedusting plants, rotogravure lines, ovens, plastic granule transport systems, suction trimmings, etc. These control accessories can be made […]

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