High Temperature Re-Circulation Fans

High Temperature Re-Circulation Fans

High temperature recirculation fans are utilized to increase the heat transfer coefficient which covers a dominant share in the heating of a furnace or more generally in an environment.

High temperature recirculation fans can to move air, thus greatly increasing the heat transfer coefficient and even out the temperature.

Depending on the layout of the parts that have to be heated, Rimor is able to choose the correct strategy to put air in motion by supplying the impeller with the most appropriate profile and dimension. The axial high temperature recirculation fan and the centrifugal high temperature recirculation fan are both available.

The high temperature recicirculation fan are built with the direct coupling technology -in which the long motor shaft is directly coupled to the impeller- and air or water based dissipation systems with compartmentalisation in a controlled atmosphere (nitrogen). The continuous study and engineering of the product has led to an important milestone that allows us to manufature an high temperatue recirculation fan that uses (for centrifugal recirculation fan) special impellers directly coupled to standard UNEL MEC motors.

Rimor can manufature high temperature recirculation fans with the transmission technology as well.

There is also a wide range of solutions for on-furnace assembly with thermally insulated buffers, sized according to the furnace temperature.

Rimor has a technical office that with specific simulation studies can offer on request fluid-dynamic simulations of the recirculation fan in operating conditions thanks to the certified Dassault Systemès Solidworks.

Product lines

Type of Impeller – High Temperature Re-Circulation Fans

The choice of the impeller for a recirculation fan is the most important decision. The high-temperature recirculation fan can be manufactured with axial or centrifugal fans. Rimor thanks to its experience in this field can choose, dimension and manufacture the most suitable impeller whether axial or centrifugal depending on the customer request and conformity. The […]

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Type of Transmission – High Temperature Re-Circulation Fans

The re-circulation industrial fans can be manufactured with different types of transmission: direct, with joint or with transmission by belts and pulleys. The transmission belt and joint is a type of transmission used in the past but still on the market as it allows you to move the engine away from the heat source to […]

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Type of Cooling System – High Temperature Re-Circulation Fans

High temperature re-circulation fans are designed and built to work at very high temperatures. This means that it is important to cool the engine to be “cold” in order to work continuously over time. Rimor has designed and built over the years different types of cooling according to the needs and type of built recirculation […]

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Type of Motor – High Temperature Re-Circulation Fans

The choice of motor for a high-temperature re-circulation fan is one of the most important features in its configuration. High-temperature re-circulation fans can be manufactured with water-cooled, air-cooled or long-shaft motors. Based on customer request and operating environment requirements, Rimor, thanks to its long experience, is able to choose and manufacture or supply the most […]

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Buffer Models – High Temperature Re-Circulation Fans

High-temperature re-circulation fans are designed and built to work at very high temperatures, this means that the agitator insulation is very important due to two factors: To keep the heat inside the oven without having dissipation to the outside, thus keeping the oven performance high and not influencing the work cycle To make sure that […]

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Sealing Models – High Temperature Re-Circulation Fans

Fans often have the need for a perfect seal or compartmentalisation, where ATEX certification may be required, or more simply where dust / air / water / gas inlet or outlet can not be tolerated. Dust seal When transporting powders it is important to ensure that dust does not escape from the fan due to […]

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Rimor Accessories

Rimor is able to provide all the necessary control accessories to automate, regulate and check / control: flow and flow, pressure and temperature. Such as probes for dust control for countless industrial applications including: air and gas dedusting plants, rotogravure lines, ovens, plastic granule transport systems, suction trimmings, etc. These control accessories can be made […]

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