Rimor Accessories

Rimor Accessories

Rimor can provide all the necessary control accessories to automate, regulate and check/control: flow, flow rate, pressure and temperature. For example, dust control probes used in multiple industrial applications among which: air and gas de-dusting plants, rotogravure lines, furnaces, transportation systems for granules in plastic materials, trims suction etc.

These control accessories can be made to be powered by different supply voltages.

Control accessories can be supplied in specific models for installation in protected environments, ATEX zones or outdoor installation IP65.
Rimor can supply these control accessories in specific models for electric panels or incomplete execution of container.

Instructions for control accessories can be multilingual (Italian-English-French-German-Spanish). Rimor supplies for its systems, control accessories with multi-language alphanumeric displays.

It is possible -if prepared for- to regulate the functioning, with the 4-20 m signal.

For all requested control accessories, Rimor can supply various accessories including switches, push-buttons, control lights and anti-condensation heaters.

It is possible with all control accessories to manage systems onboard or remotely, program any maintenance and manage the automation of various systems.

Product lines

Heating Systems and Heat Exchangers

The product line of Rimor heating and cooling systems include many types of ventilation exchangers able to transfer thermal output to the air that has to be treated. The high efficiency Rimor heat exchangers can be integrated into Rimor Recube, a ventilation unit and are quite appreciated as they are a monobloc solution, easy to […]

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Industrial Fan silencers

Rimor has always been very attentive to safety and acoustic well-being in the workplace. The Rimor for the realization of its silencers uses multiple components from rock wool of various density to damping sheaths. Thanks to the use of 3D software the rimor is able to build silencers with aerodynamic profile of various sections and […]

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Control accessories

The Rimor is able to provide all the necessary control accessories to automate, regulate and verify, control: Flow rate and flow, Pressure, temperature, probes for dust control, for countless industrial applications including: air and gas dedusting plants, rotogravure, furnaces, granules plastic material transport system, suction trimmings etc. etc. These control accessories can be made to […]

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