Soundproof and Insulated Industrial Fans – Recube

Soundproof and Insulated Industrial Fans – Recube

Main Characteristics

Industry 4.0
Heat Loss Reduction
Energy Efficiency Increase
Space Occupancy Reduction
Standard Series up to
Custom Series up to
750c° and beyond on customer demand
Patented – Patent n. TO2015A000163 DE102016104491.1

The Recube system: the new generation of ventilation system.

Recube is a new ventilation system designed by Rimor. Recube is a new concept of ventilation for industrial processes involving air: a recognized leading system in many fields and industries.

The concept of cube

Recube is a compact ventilation unit, able to achieve excellent performances in reduced spaces. It can be assembled on coating, rotogravure, flexography and lamination machineries and allows integration with energy recovery systems, insulation systems, solvent control systems, flow rates and pressure control systems. It is particularly appreciated for its low noise levels and easy to carry out maintenance.

The product was under development for 6 years and was first introduced on the market in 2008, the Recube unit is today Rimor’s product line strong point thanks to its integration in their production lines by leading customers in their respective sectors.

Main Advantages

Product lines

Single Motor Fan – Recube Plug Fan

The Recube plug-in fan series is at the same time a soundproof industrial fan, an insulated industrial fan, an industrial fan with a soundproof casing and industrial fan with silencers. Completely ready to use, compact plug-in able to easily solve any ventilation circuit and to achieve low noise levels and high efficiency ventilation thanks to […]

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Double Motor Fan – Recube Plug Fan Double

The Recube double fan plug is a double fan consisting of two industrial fans in parallel, in series or with a simple base circuit for air delivery, recovery and replacement of a part of fresh air recirculated air. The Recube double fan plug is a system with two fans built together to create a system […]

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Triple Motor Fan – Recube Plug Fan Triple

The Recube plug fan triple is an industrial fan with three independent industrial fans but with the possibility of being connected to each other by an internal circuit. The realization is merely on request so as to realize any circuit where three fans are involved. It is possible to insert heating groups inside the system, […]

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Quadruple Motor Fan – Recube Plug Fan Quadruple

A high temperature industrial fan, a forward industrial fan, an industrial backward fan, a forward industrial fan inserted into a single body that together provide a circuit where the fans can be separated from other industrial fans or connected by automatic valves or manual valves. The fans can be driven by inverters and controlled thanks […]

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Industrial Fan – Recube Plug-in Fan with Burner

The RECUBE industrial fan with burner is a heating machine that can be used in many processes. It is available as a heating machine with direct or indirect burners with a heating system directly integrated into the machine. The RECUBE heating and ventilation system is a system used, for example, in drying or heating in […]

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Industrial Fan – Recube Plug Fan for Furnace Burners

The industrial fans Recube plug fan for industrial burners find application in the generation of combustion air streams that are conveyed to industrial burners of non-monoblock type but dissociated, with the possibility of having a soundproofed and insulated fan or fan with soundproof housing for powering the burners. The industrial fan for industrial burner power […]

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Rimor Accessories

Rimor can provide all the necessary control accessories to automate, regulate and check/control: flow, flow rate, pressure and temperature. For example, dust control probes used in multiple industrial applications among which: air and gas de-dusting plants, rotogravure lines, furnaces, transportation systems for granules in plastic materials, trims suction etc. These control accessories can be made […]

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