Industrial Fan – Recube Plug-in Fan with Burner

Industrial Fan – Recube Plug-in Fan with Burner

The RECUBE industrial fan with burner is a heating machine that can be used in many processes. It is available as a heating machine with direct or indirect burners with a heating system directly integrated into the machine.

The RECUBE heating and ventilation system is a system used, for example, in drying or heating in industrial painting processes and in heating processes for thermal processes.

The RECUBE ventilation and heating system is used in stages of heating at low temperature or at high temperatures up to 900 ° C of heating or tempering of metals or preparation for heat treatments.

The systems can be easily integrated with the customer’s machines and can solve heating problems in high-performance industrial and environmental processes with the possibility of being equipped with valves as well as heating systems such as airflow burners or burners with heat exchanger. heat.

Available in the standard version and in the custom version. The standard range includes a certain number of machines with standard flow rates and heating powers usually used in the processes but the rimor easily realizes the special ranges for the customer.