Rimor Industrial Plants

Rimor Industrial Plants

Rimor manufactures and installs industrial plants in the field of air treatment and in the field of climate management and in the field of air extraction and in the sector of noise reduction with systems and noise reduction systems.

Rimor production system and Rimor installation system include the use of Rimor patents and they’re installation at customers, final commissioning and assistance and maintenance all over the world.

Rimor industrial plants are used in the most varied sectors of pollutant aspiration and air extraction.

Rimor plants are also used in industrial processes of powders, fumes, oil mists, shavings, adsorbents, painting, VOCs, VOCs, sandblasting. Particular specializations in the Automotive industry allow to realize modern and effective systems in the extraction lines or in the Test lines of industrial vehicles, or motor vehicles.

Rimor systems are designed with constructional solidity and are plants with high energy efficiency, with inverter installation to reduce machine speed and with the 4.0 certification in order to achieve maximum plant efficiency and hyper-amortization or super-amortization.

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