Recube Fans for Printing & Converting

Recube Fans for Printing & Converting


Ventilation for printing machines, laminating machines or coating machines in the Printing & Converting ventilation sector generally requires ventilations in which a constant flow of air must be ensured with a temperature under control and a part of the air that is replaced with fresh air.

In fact, ventilation for flexography machines, rotogravure machines, or printing machines in general, features hot air ventilation systems with different pressures (for example in floating furnaces the ventilation at higher pressures is found) and is usually positioned alongside or near the printing or converting machines.

The ventilation system usually consists of several fans with connected pipes, anti-vibration joints and usually has high noise levels with vibrations and heat loss.

The Recube for Printing & Converting, ventilation for the aforementioned sector, aims to eliminate noise by being an insulated system, reduce dimensions and comply with the ATEX standards, ensuring maximum efficiency both in the case of food sectors and in the case of of technological sectors.

The Recube is patent is registered in Italy and Germany and integrates the shaft cooling technology.

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Product lines

Recube standard models

The Recube ventilation series machines in the Printing & Converting sector allow to realize ventilations typical of the sector that are repeated in the various applications: ventilation for rotogravure, ventilation for flexography, ventilation for rolling and ventilation in general for the printing sector in which has the need to mix recycled air with new filtered […]

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Rimor Accessories

Rimor is able to provide all the necessary control accessories to automate, regulate and check/control: flow and flow, pressure and temperature. Such as probes for dust control for countless industrial applications including air and gas dedusting plants, rotogravure lines, furnaces, plastic granule transport systems, suction trimmings, etc. These control accessories can be made to be […]

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