Camit Division: Painting and Sandblasting Plants

Camit Division: Painting and Sandblasting Plants

Rimor sandblasting and painting booths are surface finishing systems, surface preparation systems and surface preparation booths with sandblasting and painting.

Rimor knows and applies all the finishing phases in large-sized systems of parts with applications of powder paints, water-based paints, solvent-based paints, high-solid paints with paint application booths or paint drying in heating furnaces both with direct or indirect gas burners with combustion chamber.

Rimor’s production line includes extremely robust systems for heavy parts of very high build quality and robustness. Rimor and Camit systems also include washing systems and drying chambers and chambers for powder coatings and de-gassing ovens.

Rimor Camit systems are complemented with innovative and effective transport systems, both wheeled transport carts and innovative air transport systems with the Rimor hub system.

The ventilation system of Rimor and Camit are calculated with advanced computational fluid dynamic systems and with vertical internal ventilation studies for both sandblasting and painting, completes the range of sandblasting with talcum powder or sandblasting with talc. Push Pull advanced systems for sheds and advanced systems of mixed systems with a sizing calculated with the fluid dynamic simulation allow to obtain high productivity results.

Rimor and Camit production systems provide highly effective situations also in outdoor tarpaulins for sandblasting and painting with the possibility of having both mobile and fixed tarpaulins or fixed tarpaulins.

Also man movement with movable and fixed gangways and are used in Rimor Camit cabins with maximum practicality and speed of use
The suction systems are also used in the case of painting with solvents with activated carbon and with replacement cartridges for activated carbon.
The spray booths and surface finish with sandblasting have all the roof opening systems or slots on the ceiling.

Rimor manufactures heating systems for drying ovens for car bodies and high-quality air-conditioning systems. Lastly, Rimor and Camit have developed 4.0 systems to obtain hyper-amortization with specific systems.

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Product lines

Mixed Booth for Painting and Washing

The Rimor Camit group can manufacture mixed washing and painting booths with an openable motorized roof, a complete suction and filtration system with the addition of a tank for recovery of wastewater from the washing cabin complete with electric pump and connecting ducts. For the washing phase, an emission extraction system is provided which is […]

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