Trim Suction and Shredding Systems

Trim Suction and Shredding Systems

Rimor is able to provide all the necessary control accessories to automate, regulate and check / control: flow and flow, pressure and temperature. Such as probes for dust control for countless industrial applications including: air and gas dedusting plants, rotogravure lines, ovens, plastic granule transport systems, suction trimmings, etc.

These control accessories can be made to be supplied with different supply voltages.

The control accessories can be supplied running for installation in protected environments, ATEX area, or IP 65 outdoor installation.

Rimor is able to supply these control accessories in execution from panel or in complete execution of container.

The operating instructions for the control accessories can be multilingual (Italian-English-French-German-Spanish). Rimor supplies its control accessories with a multi-language alphanumeric display.

It is possible, if foreseen, to regulate the operation, with the 4-20 m signal.

For all the required control accessories, Rimor can supply various accessories including: switches, push-buttons, warning lights, anti-condensation resistors.
With the control accessories it is possible to manage the systems on the machine or remotely, program any maintenance and manage the automation of the various systems.

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