Flexible Joints

Flexible Joints

Rimor has always been very attentive to the vibrations that can be transmitted to the plants through the various ventilation groups, rotary valves, screw feeders, etc.

For this reason Rimor has specialized in the realization of high pressure flexible joints.

Main features of high pressure flexible joints:

Range of use with temperature up to 400°C the operating pressure can reach a pressure of 10,000 mm H2O

Rimor through dedicated software is able to dimension the high pressure flexible joints according to the gauge required in the three axes.

Depending on the working pressure and the treated fluids, rimor srl can combine the high pressure flexible joints with an insulating cushion to be placed in the “hot” part that can be made with various dimensions and various materials, for example: ceramic wool, rock wool etc. . etc. For the insulating cushion, a 0.05 mm stainless steel sheet can be inserted as the first barriers for powders and condensation.

In the presence of vapors, the high pressure flexible joints are complete with a thin sheet of stainless steel in the hot part of the textile joint as the first barrier for powders and condensates that, if acidic, could limit the life of the textile joint.

Rimor high pressure flexible joints are made to measure by the customer, therefore the high pressure flexible joints can be made with variable shapes and dimensions. If necessary the flexible joints can be made in waterproof execution.

Depending on the required degree of sealing, high-pressure flexible couplings can be made of sewn or welded execution which guarantees a perfect seal.

Rimor pays particular attention to the coupling flanges of the high pressure flexible joints realizing the opportunely reinforced flanges.

Rimor with the help of 3D software can realize if necessary the 3D drawings of the high pressure flexible joints and possibly also of the internal metal conveyors All these measures make the high pressure flexible joints of rimor srl much longer than most of the flexible joints available on the market.

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