Drying Systems Recube Dry

Drying Systems Recube Dry


Rimor drying hoods are the result of years of experience in the sector where Rimor has been able to study the performance of furnaces by means of its fluid-dynamic simulation and has decided to obtain optimum performance with studied nozzle shapes.

The perfect distribution of air to the nozzles both transversal and longitudinal allows obtaining a result of professional drying and stable over time.

Rimor’s nozzle has a flat part that allows maximizing the heat exchange and a series of spacers that make the slit precise.

The drying hood is applied to the coating or drying lines or to the rotogravure or flexo-cropping lines or to the coating lines or the rolling lines.

Rimor’s technology defined as Recube Dry allows obtaining a flow with an accuracy of + -1 m/s and an accuracy of + -1 ° C this makes for a drying hood that is uniform both in terms of temperature uniformity and speed uniformity.

The absence inside the hoods or drying furnaces of perforated plates or deflectors allows to make maximum the capacity of the same and minimize the loss of load.

This is made possible by the finite element fluid dynamics study that guarantees to obtain the uniformity of temperature and speed.

Rimor drying hoods or furnaces are single nozzle, Coanda effect, curves, vertical and horizontal planes and with removable nozzles. Check out our Recube Dry Total series by Rimor.

The drying hoods are also available as monobloc units with onboard fans.

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